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Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to be amazing this week. Did anyone else's weekend just fly right by??? I know mine did. I don't know about you but I am secretly loving this rain. It gave me an excuse to stay inside and clean my entire house this morning! How fun right? More fun than being at work though ;) Remember these amazing joggers I got from Nordstrom Rack??? Well I finally got around to doing an outfit post about them!

This is seriously the exact outfit I pictured when I bought them. I am loving how joggers are becoming more and more of a statement piece. Instead of wearing them to bed, they are being worn out and about! I love that because I love to be comfy & cozy wherever I go. And can we talk about this top?? *heart eyes* I got it at Marshalls for $12.99 and it's no lie my favorite shirt in my closet right now. I love the floral print and my favorite part is the amazing neck detail! I would be lying if I said I didn't wear it 3 times last week (whoops). These shoes from Forever 21 definitely complete the outfit. I remember buying them a couple years ago and thinking... I am never going to wear these but they are super cute & on sale so why not? And for a while they did just sit in my closet. WHY?! IDK? I was weird. Because now they are my favorite sandals I own! Funny how things change :) I'll be doing more posts this week! Have a wonderful day my loves!

xo, Maddy 

Shirt (Marshalls in-store)
Pants (Nordstrom Rack in-store)
Shoes (similar here)
Hat (similar here)


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