Oh Christmas Tree!

I feel like the song "Joy To The World" should be blasting as you read this! I last minute decided to put together this post to show you all my love for Christmas! I absolutely love to decorate for the holidays and Christmas is definitely my favorite. If you read my last post, I was talking about how upset I was that I couldn't find the Christmas tree I wanted from Target (It was on sale and everyone and their dog must have bought it hahaha) But.... I found one that was available! I had to call like 5 different Target's to get my hands on it... so crazy. But now it's safe and sound in our living room :)

Oh How Time Flies –Life Update!

Hi guys! It has definitely been a minute since I have wrote a blog post & I miss it! I've been super laid back with social media lately because I've just needed a little bit of a break! Sometimes it can be hard to be "present" with social media, and I just wanted to be more present. I'm sure you all know how that goes ;) I wanted to do a little life update on here and share some pictures from our trip to Chicago! So... ready, set, let's go!  > 10 thoughts/life updates/me jabbering on and on....

Home Teeth Whitening

Hi friends! I don't know about you, but one of the first things I notice about someone upon meeting them is their smile! It's one of those features that just always stands out to me. I am definitely one who thinks that the best accessory you can ever have is your smile.... and because of that I've always tried to keep mine super white! I've tried whitening toothpaste, crest whitening strips, and even whitening gel from my dentist. But I can honestly say I've never seen results like I have so far with Smile Brilliant. My teeth are seriously whiter than they've ever been. It literally blows my mind every time I use this stuff!

Making A Statement With Malus Marcoo

Happy Tuesday! Today I wanted to show off these amazing pieces that I was sent from Malus Marcoo. They are a company based out of San Francisco (woot woot!) and their clothing is so unique & fashionable. You definitely aren't going to be matching with anyone when you show up wearing one of their pieces. I am sooo obsessed with the bell sleeves & the embroidery on this top! The colorful flowers add the perfect amount of detail to the all-white. This shirt would also look super cute under a denim or black overall dress! I also love that this top is the perfect amount of "cropped." Not to short, not to long. Just perfect.

Cyantific Skin Care

Hello loves! I was recently sent some amazing skin-care from Cyantific and wanted to give you my full review of it. I always love trying new skin care products because I'm still trying to figure out what works best for my skin. This can be a long, ongoing, dreadful process (trust me I would know), but once you find out what works best for you, your skin will be happy and glowing! So with that being said, you will definitely see more skin care posts up on my blog in the near future!