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It's finally Friday!! And it feels so amazing outside! This week went by so fast. Time in general goes by so darn fast. We are going to be moving so soon and I'm starting to freak out a little! I keep thinking I should start packing up my house or something?! (too soon??) I think the one thing that scares me about moving is that we have a general 'idea' of when we want to move back to Utah, but we really have no idea. Only time will tell.....! We are heading up to Park City tonight for dinner and will be staying the night at the Canyon's Resort. I'd say that's a nice way to kick off the weekend! Park City is one of my most favorite places. It's SO beautiful and there is so much to do.

I'd like to say Spring is here.... but it did snow yesterday. So who really knows?! I like to dress like it's Spring though. I love this simple & comfy look! I am all about comfy pants. I got these at Old Navy and I am obsessed with them (they are on sale right now for $29... so hurry and snag yourself a pair!). I love that they are super lightweight and you can dress them up or down. Hope you all have a great weekend!

xo, Maddy 


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