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Fringe on Fringe on Fringe

Hello my lovelies! I hope you all are having a great day. I was originally going to do this blog post yesterday but I got home from my 12 hour shift and literally passed out. Sooo sorry to make you wait an extra day! For those of you don't know, I work at a hospital on the maternity/postpartum floor. Aka I get to take care of the cutest babies in the whole entire world. It truly is such a rewarding job... except for the part that makes me so baby hungry (mostly;)) hahaha. They are SO CUTE. And SO TINY. I took care of a 5 pounder the other day and I was in baby heaven! I love the little teeny tiny ones. My last day at the hospital (before we move) will be on May 1st so I'm cuddling all the babies while I can!

Any whooooo, let's talk about this fringe! I layered this amazing top under a denim jacket from Mamie Ruth, and love the way it turned out. The ombre fringe is definitely a winner. Layering is so much fun and is perfect for Utah weather... because one second it's sunny and the next it's snowing. Am I right???? I'm hoping Cali gives me a little more consistency ;) I also love the addition of a simple black choker to this outfit. Forever 21 has the best selection! And they are super cheap. Win, win situation. Well I hope you all have a great day! We have a friend flying in from Texas who is staying at our house this weekend... so I gotta get my house lookin' a little better than it does right now :) love you all!

xo, Maddy 

Top (similar here)
Jacket (Mamie Ruth)
Bottoms (similar here)
Choker (similar here)
Shoes (similar here)


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