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Pinner Test! What Are My Intolerances??

YOU GUYS! I am so excited about this post. I had the opportunity to collaborate with Pinner Test and I am stoked to tell you guys all about it. Soooo lets get started! If you haven't heard of Pinner Test, it's an in-home blood test that determines your food sensitivities. The test thoroughly measures the IgG antibody levels against the proteins of over 200 different foods! So basically it quickly identifies which foods are responding negatively to your system. Isn't it so crazy that we can do tests like this?? Literally blows my mind!

Let's talk about how all this works. IT'S SO EASY. First things first -- you order the test online and they send you a kit in the mail (takes about 3-4 days) and it comes right to your door. After receiving the kit you clean one of your fingers with an alcohol pad, poke your finger with a lancet (just like a glucose check!), and put 2-3 drops of blood onto the collection pad. They even give you a bandaid to put on your finger afterwards :) Once you are finished you fold up the collection pad, fill out the form, and stick everything inside the little envelope and drop it in your mail box (they pay for shipping). Within 7-10 days you'll receive an e-mail with your results! The results are super easy to read. They indicate either 0 reaction, +1, +2, or +3 intolerance (with +3 being the most severe). I seriously couldn't believe my results-- I have an intolerance to the WEIRDEST things! Haha! And actually a lot of them make sense. My favorite food is Indian food but for some reason I always feel like crap after eating it... umm maybe because I have a +3 intolerance to LAMB! So weird. I also have an intolerance to coconut, swordfish (who woulda known.. ha!), haddock (?), and anchovy.

Through this process I learned that food intolerances can cause weight gain, fatigue, acne (ugh), bloating, joint pain, and even mood swings! I think it is so important to know what you foods you should and shouldn't eat. Whenever I am experiencing stomach issues I hate playing the guessing game of "ohh what could it be...well I ate this and this and this......"  You all know about that super annoying food-elimination process. So do yourself a favor and get this test done! I 100% recommend it to all of you! Especially if you have stomach issues, acne problems, or maybe you're just sick of people telling you that you're moody ;)  Use my code "MADISON" to get $60 off of your kit! You can order a kit HERE

If you are wanting more info check out their website HERE and a FAQ page HERE.


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