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Witches Night Out

Halloween is definitely one of my all time favorite holidays! I love to decorate, dress up, eat lots of candy, carve pumpkins, etc. etc. etc. Every year my mom has a Witches Night Out party at her house... and let me tell you right now, it is AMAZING. Anyone who knows my mom knows she goes all out for everything. In the pictures below you'll see what I mean. She is soooo creative and is so amazing at what she does. She starts planning for this night months in advance and she has never ceased to disappoint.
This year we were all given an assignment (food or game) in our invitation. In the past my mom has done everything by herself (who knows how!?) so it was fun this year to see all the creative things everyone came up with! At 6:00pm all the witches showed up at my moms house. We took LOTS of pictures, visited, ate appetizers, then sat down for dinner! We had homemade potato soup, homemade rolls, and salad. Soo yummy. For dessert there was cake, cupcakes, chocolate covered pretzels, and Ruby Snap cookies. After dinner we played Halloween charades and pictionary, and then played a game where we put vampire teeth in our mouth and had to say a tongue twister and everyone had to figure out what you were saying! It was the most hilarious game ever. After playing games we made homemade caramel apples. By this time, everyone was exhausted from such an amazing night, and stuffed beyond belief (I seriously think I gained 5 pounds... but it was so worth it). What a magical night! I'm so sad Halloween is already over.. but next up, Thanksgiving and Christmas! Yay! Hope you enjoy!!
xo, Maddy 


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