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Guess What? Life Update!

It's definitely been a minute since I've wrote a blog post. What's new? Life ya know? It just gets crazy busy. I guess I could hurry and catch up with the times and say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy (almost) Valentine's Day! I honestly don't have any pictures to go with this post cause really... it's just an update on the crazy life of me and Andrew. So keep reading if you are interested ;)
First things first, we are going to have another niece joining the fam in July! My sister is having a baby girl! Woot woot! I was seriously convinced it was a boy, but since it's a girl, looks like they'll be trying till they pop out a boy... so just keep em' comin!! I love being an aunt. Nothing brings me greater joy. And I love seeing Andrew as an uncle, it makes me soooo excited to have kids one day. Secondly, we are moving to San Francisco in June! Andrew graduates with his MBA in May, so we will be moving shortly after that.  He accepted a job offer there with IBM (who he interned with in Texas last summer). We are going to live there for 6 months while he goes through training, and after that we will move somewhere on the west coast for a couple years. At least that is the plan! You never know how long you will be working for a job or where it will take you, but our hopes are to return to Utah. I have so many mixed emotions! One day I am sooo excited and the next day I get so emotional about leaving family (especially my nieces!). But overall, I am super stoked to move and I think this will be such a great experience for us. Moving away always make you soooo grateful for family and for the relationship you have with your spouse. Moving to Texas for 3 months last year brought Andrew and I so much closer. All you have is each other and you have to rely on each other for everything. I truly believe these next couple of years will be incredible; full of adventure, hardships, and love. Annnnnd I have never been to San Fran, so I am even more excited to explore (and live by the ocean and a couple hours away from Disneyland haha!) I've heard amazing things about the city, but I've also heard things like... the traffic sucks, parking sucks, it's literally the most expensive city to live in, aaaand there is a bunch of crazies... but we're pretty crazy ourselves so think we will fit in just fine ;) We are thinking we are going to live downtown since we are only taking one car with us (yes yes I know how expensive housing is), so if any of you know any good areas to live please let me know! Also fun things to do, places to eat, etc. We need all the recommendations we can get! It is going to be here before we know it, and we are so excited!! I can't wait to take on this crazy adventure with my best friend. Having something "new" in life is always fun and a little scary. A new ward, new streets to walk around, new food places to eat at, new scenery, new friends (but always going to keep the old), new memories, new house, new everything. "New" sounds really scary to me right now in life, but having Andrew by my side makes "new" so much more do-able. Thanks for reading my novel. I'll definitely be back on here soon! We have lots of fun adventures coming up.... stay tuned :)

xo, Maddy 

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