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Halloween Garland

This is kind of a different post than usual... but I was feelin' creative today and wanted to share! So I am one that literally goes all out for every holiday. I definitely got all my creativity/love for decor from my mama! I love to decorate and make my house look all cute for the holidays and Halloween is definitely one of my favorites! I get most of my holiday/home decor from Home Goods, Marshalls, Ross, Target, and my mom's basement. It is like walking into my own personal Home Goods when I walk into my mom's decor storage closet. Every year she seems to change things up a little bit and the stuff she doesn't use she gives to us girls. I sure love her.
Well today I went to my favorite store/the most dangerous store ever.... TARGET. I am not kidding you.... I can't ever leave that store without spending less than $100. It is a problem. And that's why I limit myself to only go there monthly... if that. Of course you walk into target, grab your cart, and head straight to the $1/$3/$5 section. EVERY GIRLS FAVORITE (or maybe every married girls favorite...or maybe just my favorite). I can't go to Target without checking allllll that stuff out. I swear.... everything I see, I find a use for in my mind. Well today, I found the cutest little black and orange tule pom poms and instantly put them in my cart.  Can you say Halloween garland?! 3 dollars people! Run to Target, get 2 boxes of pom poms (or more!) and make yourself the cutest Halloween garland! You need: 1. Scissors 2. Heavy duty Jute 3. 3M command utility hooks (2). With the scissors, measure out how long you want the jute to be and tie one loop on each end to attach to the 3M command hook. Next, tie the pom poms onto the jute about 3 inches apart from each other alternating black and orange. I used all but one pom. Finally, put the command hooks on the wall and hang it up! I hang mine up right above my kitchen sink. It's THAT easy. It literally took me 10 minutes tops. Holiday decor can be so expensive, so I was thrilled when I found this cheap/cute project. Hope you enjoy & Happy Halloween! Thanks for reading :) 

xo, Maddy 



  1. So cute Maddy! Keep it up!!! 😘😘😘

  2. CUTE. And you're not the only one who is obsessed with the $3 section. I MISS TARGET. and you!!

    1. I miss you!! Hope we can come visit you guys soon!!:)


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