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Spring Time With OLD NAVY!

It's beginning to look a lot like.... SPRING! Or should I say... my closet is beginning to look a lot like Spring! I think we can all agree that it is definitely still sweater weather, but I like to start stocking up on new clothes for the next season. Spring time to me means fresh blooms, pastels, floral dresses, Easter (aka cadbury eggs & reese's eggs), jean jackets, white pants, v-necks, & sandals. 

I absolutely love dressing for spring. I love that the style is so simple -- put on a cute floral dress, throw on a jacket if you need, and pair it with some cute sandals. Just like that, you are ready to go! Which brings me to talk about this amazingly perfect spring outfit from Old Navy. If you haven't been there in a hot minute, you need to go ASAP and check out their new Spring 2018 line. Can you say dresses on dresses on dresses???? And what I love about the dresses they currently have is that they are ALL different lengths. Some short, some midi, some long -- some are tanks, some are short sleeve, some are over the shoulder, etc. etc. etc. I chose the 'Tiered Cami' dress because the length is perfect, I love the floral design, and it has so much movement and femininity.

They also have the cutest suede jackets in every color you can think of. I love how soft & stretchy they are, and best of all, they are perfect for layering and go with every outfit! I wanted to go with a springy pastel colored jacket, so I went with the lilac one. I have nothing in my closet that is remotely close to this color, so I wanted to change things up a little bit. I am such a white/black/grey person (ya feel me???). However I am trying to slowly add more and more color to my closet! Color adds so much spunk & personality to an outfit. Don't be afraid to wear bright colors! 

Old Navy has always been a go-to store for me and it should be for you too! They have the cutest clothes and accessories at such a great price point. OHHHH and.... if you are a mama, they have matching dresses and jackets for you and your littles.... ummmm okay BYE. Gonna have a baby tomorrow... hahaha only kidding. Thanks so much for being here on my little space and for reading this blog post! Hope you all have an amazing day! I will link all my outfit details below and link my Old Navy spring favorites at the end of the post! 

Maddy ♡

*Photos by Alexis Exstrom*


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