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Fall Fashion Under $50!

Hi babes! Fall is right around the corner and it's finally time to start whippin' out those booties & sweaters! Yay! Here in San Francisco it basically feels like fall everyday because of the 60 degree weather and the constant breeze... so if you are into fall as much as I am, then just move here and we can dress like it's fall everyday and be friends ;)

I thought it would be fun to start off the season with a little "fall fashion inspo under $50." I am not one that can just drop hundreds of dollars on one item..... I don't know how people do it?! So I decided the only items that I would pick had to be under $50! I feel like all these items are staple pieces for fall fashion and can be worn in so many different ways... aka... LAYERING. You could wear the same shirt 3x in a row with a different sweater over the top or different jeans and no one would ever notice ;) All of these pieces are on my "fall fashion wish-list" and I think I'm just going to slowwwwwly start buying them... cause it's better to have a bunch of little transactions going on then one big one right?? Hahaha. Just kidding (maybe?). But anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this post & I'd love to know if this is something you enjoy seeing on my blog or what your thoughts are! Hope you all have an amazing weekend! Happy fall shopping ya'll!

xo, Maddy 


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