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Hi babes! I just wanted to hop on here and tell you guys about some amazing shampoo & conditioner you need to get your hands on. Juice Organics has the most amazing, affordable, and effective haircare products. I was sent their "color protect" shampoo & conditioner and I couldn't be more happy with it! Not only does it help to savor the beautiful color in your hair (using fig & sunflower oil), but it has the highest content of certified organic ingredients possible.

Why is that important you may ask??? Well because of these organic ingredients.... 1) they are free of chemicals & synthetic ingredients, 2) they promote new hair grow by naturally stimulating the hair follicles, 3) they are non-allergenic, which makes them suitable for all skin types, 4) they have a more mild and natural aroma, and 5) they help keep your hair healthy, soft, and glossy. Some of the main ingredients that Juice Organics uses are aloe, coconut, jojoba, and argan oils. Sooo you can definitely expect your shampoo & conditioner to smell amazing. The "color protect" line smells like pomegranate and I am kinda of obsessed!

My goal in using this shampoo and conditioner is to renew and restore my scalp and hair. Looking back, I've used so many terrible shampoos & conditioners, and my scalp/hair has definitely suffered from it. I have such a itchy, dry scalp & using these products with harsh chemicals has made it even worse. I also have eczema on the lower half of my scalp and I've come to find that when I use these hair products, it literally burns my eczema. Obviously that's probably not a good thing ;)

There are soooo many organic shampoos & conditioners out there to choose from but what I love about Juice Organics is that 1) they really are super affordable, and 2) you can find them in store at Target if you're not about online shopping. And lets get real... I know you all are probably going to Target within the next 2 days, so pick yourself up some new products and start taking better care of your hair! It will thank you later :) You can also find them on their website HERE, and on amazon!

Juice Organics has 5 different hair care lines (click to view) -- Color Protect, Volumizing, Brightening, Smoothing, and Repair. Choose which product your hair needs & get your hair on its way to being healthier! Hope you all have an amazing day! 

xo, Maddy


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