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Cyantific Skin Care

Hello loves! I was recently sent some amazing skin-care from Cyantific and wanted to give you my full review of it. I always love trying new skin care products because I'm still trying to figure out what works best for my skin. This can be a long, ongoing, dreadful process (trust me I would know), but once you find out what works best for you, your skin will be happy and glowing! So with that being said, you will definitely see more skin care posts up on my blog in the near future! 

Cyantific's skin care products are used to nourish, protect, and hydrate. Their products are all-natural and all contain PhycoBoost. Phycoboost is known to contain the most powerful UVA-absorbing compounds that exist in nature. Sooooo what exactly is Phycoboost you may be wondering??? is a compound that is found and harvested from blue-green algae in lakes in the pacific northwest! How cool is that??? These compounds protect the algae from cell damage and they are found within this skincare line to protect/nourish/hydrate YOUR FACE! I absolutely love using products that are actually GOOD for my skin & protect it from things like the sun! I used to lay out in my backyard for hours & just fry my face off... and I always used to sleep in my makeup (no no no!). Now that I've realized I only have this precious skin for one lifetime... I've stepped up my skin care & SPF game. 

  I was sent the nourishing daily serum, the protecting daily lotion, and the hydrating night cream. First things first... the nourishing daily serum is so amazing! If you haven't used a facial serum before, you need to get your hands on this stuff asap. This stuff tightens and tones your skin & you can seriously feel it tightening up your skin after putting it on! It's the greatest feeling ever. I've never got botox before but it feels like what it would feel like to get botox... maybe???? Hahaha.

The protecting daily lotion is so amazing because it contains SPF30 and like I had said above... I used to just fry my face off and now I know I am protecting my face throughout the day by using this every morning! It goes on so smoothly and I love that it doesn't make my face look oily.

Lastly, the hydrating night cream is a dream and a half. This stuff is the answer to your dry skin probs. It contains crambe abyssinica seed oil which lessens dehydration while you sleep! Smooth this liquid gold all over your face and neck, go to sleep, & wake up with radiant skin! Easy-as-pie.

Overall, I absolutely love this skin care line and recommend it for anyone that is suffering from dry skin, or for anyone who wants radiant, younger looking skin (who doesn't?!) I love how hydrated and firm it has made my skin feel. And I also have to throw in there that these products smell amazing. So fresh, so clean. This is definitely a skin care line I'll be keepin' around. If you are worried about trying this product out & your skin not liking it... don't fret! You can return the unused portion for a FULL refund! Try it out & see how your skin feels! I know mine feels amazing. Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions about Cyantific! 

xo, Maddy 


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