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I'm Feelin' 22!

One thing I've always wanted to do is go to a field of strawberries and pick as many as I can and then sit and eat them until I'm sick. Well.... I got to check that off my bucket list last weekend! Turning 22 was definitely a good thing... ;) Last Saturday I woke up to the yummiest homemade breakfast and the most thoughtful gifts from my sweet husband. As we were eating breakfast he came over with a bag and said "SURPRISE! This is what we are doing today!" And inside the bag was everything we needed for a beach day! I've wanted to go to one of the beaches in San Francisco since we moved here, but we just haven't found the time for it... so I was stoked! We were going to go on a mini road trip to Santa Cruz!

As we were driving in the car we passed a huge sign that said "SWANTON STRAWBERRY U-PICK." At first when passing it we were like aww that would be way fun to do that sometime... then all the sudden we were like... ummm why not now?! Andrew hurried and pulled over, flipped around, and parked us at the strawberry field. AHHH. I was so excited. We got a little cardboard box and started making our way down the rows, only picking the ripest, juiciest, strawberries. Andrew was being so naughty and kept eating them as he picked them!!! I've always had such a guilty conscience, so I was like doing that "whisper-yell" thing that moms do to their kids at church telling Andrew to stop it or else we would get kicked out hahaha. Someone's gotta keep the kid in line ;) We couldn't stop picking... we would think we were done and all the sudden see a huge red strawberry and be like "WAIT GET THAT ONE!" Seriously so much fun. If you haven't done it.... go. You will have a blast. They were the most amazing strawberries I've ever ate... as you can imagine.

We got back in the car and ate berry after berry. I was like sick to my stomach from eating so many. But they were so good... so it's okay. Next stop....BBQ lunch. I was thinkin' seafood for lunch (I was craaaaaving clam chowder), but hey BBQ will do hahaha... it was actually amazing. After lunch we made our way to the beach and relaxed the whole rest of the day! The weather was amazing, the beach was amazing, and the water was freezing... I couldn't get myself to get in... and Andrew's over there like swimmin' with the dolphins. He literally didn't think it was cold but when my legs got out of the water they were bright red... so I think that says something! After we were done with the beach we walked along the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and enjoyed some chocolate dipped ice cream cones, a corn dog, garlic fries, and clam chowder.. healthy, I know. OH, and we picked up some kettle corn for the way home. Who doesn't love a little carnival food every now and then though?  It was an amazing day! Andrew is the sweetest & always makes birthdays so special. Shoutout to you babe! Here's to 22! 

xo, Maddy 



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