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Being In The Moment With JORD

Okay guys, I'm super excited to share awesome giveaway with you all!

I have teamed up with JORD Wood Watches to give away one $100 gift card towards a watch of your choice! AND just for entering you will receive a $25 credit to their website! So even if you don't win the overall giveaway... you still win! Whether you are wanting a watch for yourself... or for somebody special in your life, JORD has you covered!

Anyone can enter by clicking HERE!

I was super excited when JORD reached out to me because I've been on the hunt for a cute watch that I can wear on a day to day basis. JORD has the most unique, wooden watches that are so perfect for any and every occasion. I was having the hardest time choosing which watch I wanted because they are all so beautiful. I ended up choosing the Frankie 35 series - Zebrawood & Champagne watch, and I couldn't be happier with it. I really don't think that there is an outfit that it won't go with. I love how simple & classy it is -- just how I like my accessories!

Now let's talk about the beautiful, handcrafted wooden box that it came in..... so stunning! I was so impressed! JORD really steps it up when it comes to presentation & quality. The wooden box even has a little drawer that you can put extra links in (included with watch). The watch also comes with a little rag for cleaning and 100% natural finishing oil for the care & conditioning of your JORD wood watch. How amazing! Another fun fact about these unique watches is that you can get them engraved. I'm a sucker for anything that has special meaning to it, so I will definitely be using this awesome feature they offer in the near future!

Upon receiving my JORD watch, I made a goal. That goal was to be more in the moment. One thing I struggle with in life is not always being 100% "present" or "in the moment." Why??? Well, for me, it's because of my phone and social media. Social media is SO addicting as you all probably know. Us humans are always wanting to know the latest & greatest of everyones lives. But, it can always wait! Those posts you are dying to see are still going to be there tomorrow.... and even the next day.

One reason I always have my phone with me is to keep track of the time.... but why have my phone with me 24/7 when I have my cute JORD watch that can tell me the time? Wearing this watch is going to remind me to put my "social life" on pause, and be in the moment with my real life. Does this mean I am never going to have my phone on me? Definitely not. But it means that the next time I go on a date with my husband, I am going to leave my phone at home & enjoy uninterrupted quality time with him. Sooo it looks like I'm going to need to get him a good looking JORD watch so that he'll leave his phone at home too ;) (I've got my eye on the HYDE series Walnut & Black for him!)

SO my challenge to all of you is to buy a watch you love & have it be a reminder to be more in time & in the moment with your life. And even better.... get yourself a watch from JORD. You definitely won't regret it. Their luxurious watches will keep you comin' back for more! We only live one life.... so be more present & make more lasting memories with the ones you love! (insert clap emoji)

You can shop men's watches here & women's watches here.

"The value of a watch is not being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes and  your watch should tell more than time."    JORD Wood Watches


Giveaway ends August 6, 2017. Winner will be notified via e-mail.

Both $100 and $25 codes expire on September 17, 2017.


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