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Maskcara Beauty Collab

Hi babes! I hope you all had an amazing weekend and are ready for the week ahead! Today I wanted to talk to you guys about the Maskcara make up line! I'm guessing most of you have heard of this amazing make up line....but if you haven't then definitely keep reading. Megan McQuiston is a Maskcara distributer and she reached out to me about trying this makeup line and I was so thrilled! (I will link all of her information below! She is amazing and such a joy to work with. 100% recommend ordering makeup from her!)

I love the way she talked about this makeup line in her e-mail to me, so I am just going to let her do the talking! She said, "Maskcara has developed 3D foundation, that is meant to highlight and accentuate our naturally beautiful faces, instead of covering them up. It's a cream-based foundation, so it moves better with your skin and allows it to breathe, which means happier and healthier skin. The 3D foundation is created by using four colors that are each placed in the appropriate areas on the face and blended together to create full and beautiful coverage. My favorite part of Maskcara is that it is completely customizable,  you can create an everyday look and a date night look from the same palette, just depending on how heavy it's applied." 

I absolutely love how she says that is meant to highlight and accentuate our naturally beautiful faces, instead of covering them up. I think so many of us use makeup as a way to cover up all of our imperfections & sometimes find ourselves "caking" it on there. I found that with the Maskcara makeup, I was hardly using any makeup and still feeling just as beautiful. I love that it creates a more natural look and truly has amazing coverage. And the best part is.... it literally takes 5 minutes (OR LESS) to apply your makeup. It all comes on one palette, so you aren't digging through your makeup bag to find everything you need. I was sent the "HAC Pack" which includes your highlight, contour, lip & cheek, and illuminator. She also included the 30 second HAC brush to apply it with (which I loveeeee!).

When working with a distributer, they first ask you to send them over a no makeup selfie so they can get a good color match. Megan seriously picked out the most perfect colors for my face (highlight & contour), and then I picked out which lip & cheek, and highlighter I wanted. 

Highlight: Aura, Contour: Olive, Lip & Cheek: Desert Sunset, & Highlighter: Rose Gold (SO PRETTY). 

When I first tried out this makeup I was a little worried because I've never really used cream-based makeup before. But after applying I literally felt like my face was glowing... and it stayed like that ALL DAY. I also love that you can use the blush for your lips & the contour to fill in your eyebrows! Whaaaat! It seriously is like an "all inclusive" vacation but with makeup hahaha. Such a time-saver & so amazing. OH... and the packaging on everything is so cute. I was dying when I got the package in the mail... even the tape on the box was cute. You all need Maskcara makeup in your life... especially all you busy moms out there! So head over to Megan's instagram: and send her a quick selfie & she will get you all hooked up! Also if you just want to check out what Maskcara is all about & browse around (they have tons of brushes, eyeshadow, skin care, etc!)... head over to her website ----> 

Happy Shopping babes!

xo, Maddy




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