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Feel Happy In Your Skin

Hi guys! I always get questions about what skin care products I use on a daily basis so I thought I would write a little blog post about my skin regimen. I think it is SO important to feel happy and confident about your skin. When I have clear skin I am so much more positive about myself. Over the years I've tried tons of facial products and I feel like I have finally found products that I LOVE and that work for my skin! I'll go through my whole daily routine below!
1. First things first, I ALWAYS take off my makeup before bed. I know this can be hard cause sometimes you are just exhausted and just want to crawl in your warm bed and wash your makeup off in the morning. NO! Just do it. I start by just taking my eye makeup off and letting my face wash do the rest.

2. Now I actually wash my face ;) I alternate between using Burt's Bees Soap Bark & Chamomile deep cleansing cream, and Lush's Let The Good Times Roll exfoliating cleanser. It feels so good to exfoliate your skin, but don't do it everyday! The Burt's Bees facial cleanser is so refreshing. It is the softest facial cream and it makes your face feel cold when you put it on and so rejuvenating after washing it off. The Lush exfoliater is very gentle and smells SO good (like popcorn... sounds weird but it's a very sweet smell) I highly recommend both of these products.

3. After washing my face I pour some Witch Hazel on a small pad and apply it all over my face. It makes my face feel amazing and gives me cleaner, healthier looking skin. Did you know that Witch Hazel is one of the most effective natural acne treatments?! Also it helps to protect against skin cancer :) It super cheap and can be bought at any grocery store!

4. Next, I use a facial lotion as well as an eye cream. I seriously can't live without face lotion. My face is sooo dry that without it, it would crack into pieces. The face lotion I use is Kind To Skin: Sensitive Skin Experts Replenishing Moisturizer. It always last me the entire night and all through the next day. The eye cream I use is Neutrogena: Healthy Skin Eye Cream. I like to use this eye cream cause on the back it says "clinically proven to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines around the eye area." ;) Just kidding. My eyes are super sensitive when it comes to lotion, so a specific eye cream always seems to do the trick!

5. Lastly, I use a face mask 2-3 times a week. I have a few that I alternate between but the one that I find myself using the most is the True Self Organics Detoxifying Mask. I promise if you don't have this mask you need to get it! It is a powder mask that you mix with water then apply on your face. I leave it on for 10-30 minutes depending on what I have going on. It's one of those masks that when it dries, you literally can't move your face. It is the best feeling. When I wash it off my face feels soooo soft and I always feel like i'm glowing after.

If you aren't loving the products you are using right now, I highly recommend trying these OR finding new products that make your skin happy! Happy skin = happy you :) Products linked below!

xo, Maddy 

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