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Oh How Time Flies –Life Update!

Hi guys! It has definitely been a minute since I have wrote a blog post & I miss it! I've been super laid back with social media lately because I've just needed a little bit of a break! Sometimes it can be hard to be "present" with social media, and I just wanted to be more present. I'm sure you all know how that goes ;) I wanted to do a little life update on here and share some pictures from our trip to Chicago! So... ready, set, let's go!  > 10 thoughts/life updates/me jabbering on and on....

1. How is it November already?! Does anyone else feel like Halloween was like non-existent because it went by so fast?? Soon it's going to be freaking Christmas. Holy moly! I need to get shopping. Andrew and I leave home to Utah for Thanksgiving in a week and we are so excited!

2. This is my all-time favorite time of the year and I just want life to pause and be able to soak up all the time we get to spend with our families! I feel extremely blessed to have been able to go home to Utah as much as I have while living here in San Francisco. I'm attached to my family right at the hip. I miss em' like crazy all. the. time. Especially my perfect lil' nieces. Don't even get me started.

3. I, along with many others, DECORATED FOR CHRISTMAS! However I feel like I have a bit of an excuse as to why... 1. I have zero Thanksgiving decorations... sad I know. And 2. We are going to be traveling home to Utah so much the next two months that I actually wanted to be able to enjoy my Christmas tree! Ya feel me??? But on the DL... I don't even have a Christmas tree yet because for the first time in forever, Target let me down. They only had a multi-colored lit tree... unacceptable (I have gold ornaments... that does not match). Sooo I'll be traveling an hour and a half tomorrow to the east bay to find myself a white lit tree. Wish me luck.

4. I've been listening to my boy, Biebs, Christmas album ON REPEAT. Literally never gets old. I'm so obsessed. I'm not much of a fan of you anymore, Justin, but you sure out-did yourself with that Christmas album some years ago. (Spotify has some really good Christmas playlists too!)

5. WE ARE GOING TO THAILAND! Ahhhh! I'm seriously stoked out of my mind. I cannot wait. We go on a trip with Andrew's family each year, so we will be starting off 2018 right by going to Thailand in January! Yay! 

6. Still don't know what our life plan is... aka how long we will be in San Francisco! I ask Andrew everyday if he knows if we are going to be moving again and he has no idea... so I'll keep ya'll updated ;) So if you haven't came to visit us and want to... GET ON THAT. We have a super fancy air mattress waiting for you in our living room. And we're the best hosts/tour guides/food recommenders in the city. Get your bum here... you know you want to!

7. I'm trying to pretend that there will be snow here in the city. It is SO weird. I'm such a 4-seasons type of gal... that this is just freakin' me out hahaha! We already skipped Fall here.... and as miserable as it would be driving up those hills in SF if there were to be snow.... I kinda secretly wish that it would happen for like a day. At least there will probably (fingers crossed!) be snow in Utah when we are there for Christmas! And maybe even Thanksgiving.. who knows. 

8. I am trying to focus more on blogging and whenever I have a free minute I want to use it to start growing my blog more! I've been struggling a little bit with it.. and haven't been putting as much time into it as I would like to. But I'm really trying to make some changes :) I love blogging. It has been so much fun for me. I didn't realize how much I loved writing until I started doing this. Funny how we find out new things about ourselves by trying new things and putting ourselves out there. It can be SO scary. When I posted my first picture on Instagram saying that I started a blog... I wanted to delete it immediately. Who would want to follow me? Who would even read my blog? So many negative thoughts went through my mind. But guess what... I decided to just embrace it & do something that I've been wanting to do for a long time.. and it has been such an amazing adventure. So thank you all from the bottom of my heart for following along and supporting me. 

9. We just got back from a trip to Chicago and it was soooo amazing. I thought San Fran had tall buildings until I visited Chicago. Andrew had to go there for a work trip, so we went a little early and made a fun weekend out of it! We went to the Field Museum, Millennium Park (saw the Bean!), Grant Park (Buckingham fountain), the Navy Pier, the John Hancock Tower (we went up to the Signature Lounge on the 96th floor, so cool!), shopped the Magnificent Mile, went on a river boat architecture tour, and ate the yummiest food! Some of my favorite food places were: Yolk, Smoque BBQ, Wild Berry, Lou Malnatis, The Nutella Cafe, & Portillos. So delicious! It was sooo cold & rainy while we were there, but that didn't stop us... rain or sun.. we were out exploring! Definitely a trip i'll never forget. There is just something so special about traveling with your spouse! I love it.

10. If you've even made it this far.... congratulations & enjoy all these pictures from Chicago! 

xo, Maddy 

The person we asked to take this picture didn't quite know how to focus the camera ;)



  1. Don't ever stop blogging! I love your blog! What are your favorite Christmas playlists on spotify. AMEN to Justin's Christmas album being some of his best work. SO GOOD!

    1. You are so sweet, thank you SO much! My favorite on spotify is called "Christmas Playlist." It has all the classics! But right??? I'm so obsessed!


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