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Oh Christmas Tree!

I feel like the song "Joy To The World" should be blasting as you read this! I last minute decided to put together this post to show you all my love for Christmas! I absolutely love to decorate for the holidays and Christmas is definitely my favorite. If you read my last post, I was talking about how upset I was that I couldn't find the Christmas tree I wanted from Target (It was on sale and everyone and their dog must have bought it hahaha) But.... I found one that was available! I had to call like 5 different Target's to get my hands on it... so crazy. But now it's safe and sound in our living room :)

I bought most of my Christmas decor from Home Goods, Target, and Hobby Lobby (I'll link as much stuff as I can-- some is from last year, so I tried to find similar things!) I home-made the garland on my TV stand and it was so easy & so cheap (under $15-- everything Christmas at Hobby Lobby is 50% off!). I bought a 6ft. pre-lit pine garland from Hobby Lobby, some pine cone bunches, and some gold branches. I fluffed up the garland and just started sticking things places and it turned out so cute... and literally took me 10 minutes. My tree has gold ornaments so I wanted to stick with a gold theme on the garland. I also had some gold pine cone ornaments that I bought last year that I stuck here and there throughout the garland.

Another thing along with decorating for Christmas is that my whole house has to smell like Christmas! Thank goodness for Anthropologie and Target for having the best smelling candles ever. My house currently smells like a winter wonderland :) - linking all candles below! I also have glade wallflowers all throughout my house with the scent "Tree Lighting Wonder." And of course I have my diffuser going: 1 drop peppermint, 2 drops sweet orange, 3 drops douglas fir, and 2 drops cinnamon. I wasn't kidding when I said my house smells like a winter wonderland!

I seriously find so much joy in decorating my house. I'd rather buy home decor than clothes..... does that make me weird?! Haha! Anyway, hope you all have an amazing day. If you haven't decorated your house for Christmas hopefully this post gave you some inspiration/motivation to do so ;) 

5 tips to make decorating for Christmas fun & easy:
1. Candles on candles on candles...they're cute, make a perfect centerpiece, and they smell good.
2. Get a festive table runner! Target is always my #1 for table runners.
3. Buy lots of mini battery-operated string lights. You can put them anywhere and they will look cute! I like to wrap mine around garland, put them in candle holders, etc.
4. Buy lots and lots and lots of hanging garland! (This can be pre lit snowflakes, felt balls, etc.)
5. MAKE YOUR OWN GARLAND. So much cheaper & you can make it exactly how you like! Use ornaments in your garland to add a final touch.

xo, Maddy



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