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4th of July Style!

Happy Monday! Can you believe that the Fourth of July is right around the corner?! The 4th has always been one of my all time favorite holidays for so many reasons; the parades, carnivals, barbecues, spending time with family, fireworks, annnnd getting to wear a cute red, white, and blue outfit ;) If you haven't picked out your patriotic outfit yet, you still have time! I got this cute striped top from Piper & Scoot and I am seriously obsessed with it because it's one of those shirts that you can wear everyday... not just on the 4th of July (and it also comes in red!). I paired this top with a cute overall dress from H&M and a red necktie that I got at Walmart for a dollar! I did the happy dance in the check-out line because I was so stoked. Obviously I didn't think it would be expensive but who doesn't love when something is a dollar. Anyway, I love that neckties are so in style right now. They are such a cute accessory & just add a little spunk to your outfit. I need to go back to Walmart and get one in every color now!

Besides from finding a cute outfit, make sure to spend time with those you love, eat lots of watermelon, & take lots of selfies while twirling your sparkler around. There is going to be a few changes in the 4th of July this year for us.. 1) we will be in San Francisco with just the two of us, 2) it is not going to be 324802380984 degrees like the 4th of July always is in Utah (I may have to change into pants), and 3) we are going to be searching "San Francisco 4th of July Festivities" on google the night before instead of showing up at the Kaysville parade at 10am & DHS fireworks at 10pm. Change is good though people! That is one thing I've had to learn the past couple of months. We get in such a routine of doing the same thing over and over and freak out when something in our lives change. Kinda what I did when it realllllly sunk in that we were really moving to San Francisco. But I've learned that change is good (mentally, physically, and spritually!) & you can be happy wherever you are! Especially if you are with the one you love :) Anyway, I hope you all have an amazing week! Thanks for reading! Now go find yourself somethin' cute to wear on the 4th... ;)

xo, Maddy

Another cute overall dress here!


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