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Hi guys! I had an amazing opportunity to do a collaboration with CaseApp and I am so excited to share it with you all! CaseApp is a website where you can design a custom iPhone/android case or a custom laptop skin. The website is so user friendly and it literally takes seconds to make the phone case/laptop skin of your dreams! They have so many different layouts you can choose from, and tons of different clip arts you can add as a final touch. You can also choose if you want your case to be glossy or matte. I chose matte because I like the look of it better. Annnd can we talk about the print quality??? The images on my cases are clear as day & the colors are as vibrant as they looked when I was designing them!

Lastly, I love that you get to choose a design that represents you! For example, you can choose a photo you love, a design you're currently obsessed with, or you can even create your own design. The options are endless. I wanted phone cases that I could use all summer long.... sooo with lots of searching on pinterest, I found the perfect summer designs that I loved! Becauseeeee 1) Lemonade is my #1 go-to drink, and 2) I'm obsessed with palm trees. Waaaalaaa! And guess what! If you use my code MADISONSILOTTI20 you can receive 20% off your order! Hurry over to & get designing babes! 

Have an amazing day!

Designs I used on my cases are here and here

Other amazing designs I love linked below! I need all of them haha!
here, here, here, here, here, here, & here

xo, Maddy


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