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Stripes & Tie Sleeves

Hello my lovelies! I hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend! I know I did. I always love holiday weekends because I get to be with family. Family parties are seriously my favorite thing ever. Some people dread having to go hang out with their extended family but I am always sooo excited. I have a pretty awesome fam ;) Did anyone else literally eat their weight in treats over the weekend??? I got home after everything was over and felt 3 months prego because I literally kept going back to the dessert table for more hahaha. I have the biggest sweet tooth. It is a problem!!!!! Maybe that's why I literally can't stick to any sort of diet... hmmmm. OH well.
I got this amazing dress from StyleWe and I literally want to wear it every single day. Isn't it so perfect for this spring weather???? The pockets on the front and the tie sleeves are definitely a winner. I also love how it buttons the entire way down. Basically... I love everything about it and want this dress in every color. Wishful thinking ;) Check out StyleWe's website for more stunning dresses. Thanks for reading, hope you all have an amazing Tuesday!

P.S. Enjoy my little friend I met during this shoot ;)

xo, Maddy 

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