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Rompin' Around San Diego

Hi guys! It's been awhile! I was in San Diego all week and the wifi wasn't working too hot. SO... sorry for the delayed post! I had the most amazing week. It was a much needed vacation! It was so nice to get out of Utah and go somewhere much warmer. The weather was sooo nice. Not too hot, not too cold. I'll give ya a little run down of our vacation...(I love to have these things written down to look back on). Also.. thank you to everyone who gave us recommendations of things to do/places to eat, you guys are the best!

Day 1: Travel day! Flew from SLC to San Diegooooo, rented a car, drove up the coast about an hour to Carlsbad! Took a few stops here and there. One at dog beach... so many of the cutest lil pups! And another at seal rock. Saw baby seals floppin' around trying to stay close to their mamas! So cute.

Day 2: Andrew and I decided to be good and go to the hotel gym. We were planning on going everyday buuuut... it only happened once. Who REALLY works out on vacay? Not I. Next we went for a nice walk on the beach, hung out, got pedicures (just girls ;)) and ate yummy Italian food for dinner! 

Day 3: DISNEYLANDDDDD! You guys. This was the best day ever! I have been SO excited for this trip just for this reason. I love Disneyland so much. It was the most magical day! Andrew even bought me Minnie ears....(after much pleading). The weather was perfect, and as packed as the park was... we only waited in line for about 15-20 minutes per ride! Simply. Amazing.

Day 4: Beachin' it all day long. Laying out, playing spike ball, just chillin! Let me give you some advice.. just wear the stupid sunscreen. For some reason I broke out SO bad at the beginning of our trip and I just being a girl thought "hmmm no sunscreen + beach day = face getting burnt & zits gone.... wala." Okay yeah maybe it burned my zits right off but I was miserable the rest of the trip! My whole body was bright red. SO, from now on I'm gonna listen when my mama in law tells me to put on the dang sunscreen. Later on we went to the Carlsbad farmers market and taste tested every food item being sold, got some fresh squeezed lemonade, $20 cheese, 8 mini pies, some "bitchin' sauce" (no i'm not swearing... that's really what it's called and it's AMAZING) and some Indian food. Successful farmers market trip I'd say. 

Day 5: Rented bikes and rode along the coast to the Oceanside Pier! Nothing is better than a nice bike ride in some 70 degree weather. We walked along the pier, took some selfies with my selfie stick, got an acai blast smoothie *insert heart eyes*, rode back to the hotel, took a lil break, then rode our bikes to get some fish n' chips! We finished the day at the beach then hot tubbed at our hotel.

Day 6: Andrew and I took a morning walk to get some breakfast together! We got the yummiest acai bowls... my favorite. Later the girls went and got massages.... ahhhmazing. We took one last trip to the beach, then Andrew and I packed our things, got on the train, and headed back to San Diego where we would stay the night (close to the airport). That night we walked around Little Italy, ate some yummy pizza, got gelato for dessert and headed back to the hotel! The next morning we flew back to SLC and now we are home sweet home. Or I should say that I am. I dropped Andrew off at the airport this morning.. he is on his way to Japan for a school business trip! I miss him like crazy already :( 

Well if you made it this far.. yay! I'll end by saying 1) this is the comfiest/cutest romper and I bet you can guess where I got it from.... TARGET. And 2) this hat was in the target dollar section for five dollars! What!? Perfect beach hat. I love big floppy hats and couldn't pass this one up. Thanks for reading!

xo, Maddy 

Romper: here
Hat: similar here or here


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