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The Wild West

Hello friends & family! Texas is amazing. The heat?.....well that's a whole different story. I literally can't go outside for 5 seconds without sweating. The humidity is killin' me. I'm definitely looking forward to the dry heat in Utah. Can you believe we only have 5 WEEKS left of being here? I can't! This summer has gone by so fast. Time needs to just slow down a little. We still have so many places we want to go and things we want to do! Some fun places are are looking into exploring are Austin, New Orleans, and Oklahoma! But we shall see what Andrew plans for us ;) he is literally the best trip planner... just like his dad!

Last weekend we decided to explore the wild west in Fort Worth, TX. Andrew wore his cute cowboy boots and fit right in with everyone! We went to the stockyards, the water gardens, an amazing barbecue restaurant (what's new right?), and a rodeo! The Fort Worth stockyards are so much fun. There is tons of little shops, places to eat, live music, and a cattle drive that happens twice every day! Everyone lines up on the street and the cowboys lead all the cattle down the road. The horns on those things are HUGE. I seriously thought one of them was just going to charge at us. But luckily... no one got hurt. At the stockyards they also have this amazing candy shop that has barrels and barrels of every type of candy you can imagine! You get a little bucket and fill away! Of course that was the only shop we spent money at. We couldn't stop eyeing those root beer barrels...and the taffy...and the suckers... and..... everything. The rodeo was located in an indoor arena (thank goodness) in the stockyards. Definitely a fun lil' rodeo to check out if you are ever in the area! It is a smaller arena but the rodeo was great! Does anyone else feel so bad for the baby cows that get thrown on the ground and tied up? I seriously wanted to cry every time it happened! They are so helpless!! But enough with my sensitivity towards baby cows. Hope you enjoy the many pictures of... us! And yes... I am sad that we only got ONE picture together. I'm just weird and hate asking people to take them for us.. so instead we just take them of each other! Can't wait to see ya'll in 5 short weeks! Yay!

xo, Maddy 

My cute date (the one picture we got together!)

Cutest hubs ever.


See what I mean......

Cute pink wall = pull over on the side of the road for a picture.


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