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Moving To Texas

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

Hello! Welcome to my first blog post! My name is Madison (Strahm) Silotti. I decided to create this blog as a little diary to document my husband and I and all of our married couple adventures! Here's a glimpse into what you'll see on my blog, and I'm excited to see how it adapts over time!

Andrew (my hubs) is getting his MBA at the University of Utah and decided to take on an internship with IBM in Coppell, Texas. His internship is only for the summer so we won't be here permanently, but we are excited for all the fun adventures this summer will bring! Here is a lil' run down of our past week!

PACKING: If any of you saw how much stuff we packed for this summer, you would die. Especially because where we are staying has everything we need except our clothes. But of course I'm walking around our house grabbing our crock pot, all our spices, our iron, pantry food that I didn't want to go bad, etc. etc. etc. Cause naturally, I'm worried about my husband going to work with wrinkly clothes and spending money on food. Completely normal right? Oh, and then I have my husband in the back room packing our social security cards, passports, and our marriage license???? hahaha whaaaaaat? We really could have used a nice packing list!

THE DRIVE: The drive to Coppell, Texas, from Salt Lake City, is about 19 hours. But you have to add on a million pee breaks, food stops, and stopping at historical sights (Andrew's dads favorite thing to do). But we still love him :) Andrew's parents are so nice and volunteered to drive one of our cars down for us because truthfully, I couldn't survive driving 19+ hours in a car by myself. The first night, we stopped in Santa Fe, New Mexico. If you haven't been there before, I highly recommend it! It is this cute little indie town with the coolest churches, houses, and shops. And not to mention, the best Mexican food! If none of those reasons get you there, I promise the food will. The next day, we explored the town for half the day, and drove for the rest of the day. After driving for about 3 hours, we decided to get another hotel right outside of Amarillo, Texas. It was right around midnight when all the sudden a HUGE storm passed by. I am not exaggerating when I say that baseball size hail was hitting against our window. So hard that it cracked one of our windows and water started seeping through. I guess it's true that everything is bigger (literally) in Texas! We survived the storm and continued with the long drive in the morning and finally arrived to our home! YAY!

COPPELL, TEXAS: Our home away from home. So far, so good! It's hot, humid, and rainy. We are enjoying the weather while we can cause it's about to get really HOT. I'm trying to spend lots of time outside cause I have a feeling i'll be enjoying the inside AC a lot this summer :) But overall, we love it here and are excited to start exploring the city. The pictures below are some fun places we been so far! We would love recommendations of things to do, places to see, food to eat, etc. Comment below with any questions or recommendations! Keep following along for more life updates and adventures.

xo, Maddy 

San Miguel Mission, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Hard Eights BBQ (I have a feeling we will be eating here lots!)

6 Flags Over Texas


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