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Summer Style & Life Update

Hi babes! I just wanted to pop in and give you a little life update and share a cute summer piece from StyleWe that I'm obsessed with. First things first, we are currently in Reno, on our way to San Francisco! Holy crap... the day actually came. It feels like we've talked about it for so long but it always felt so far away. But here we are! SO CRAZY. I totally forgot to tell all of you about our living situation. 

Soooooo with a little persuasion from my husband (OK A LOT).... I agreed that we could live in the city! I am soooo not a huge city girl... I like my space... especially my parking space hahaha (literally don't know how to parallel park... so bye). But I figure this is a once in a lifetime opportunity so why the heck not? Everything went through with the apartment we fell in love with and I am seriously so excited! IT'S SO CUTE. I can't wait to show all of you. However, there is a few things that may take some time getting used to. #1. We have no dishwasher. I've definitely done dishes a whole lot by hand buuuut I definitely can't wait for the day we have one again. #2. We have to share a washer/dryer with our whole building AND we have to pay for it with coins. WHAT. Geez all mighty.. this about threw me over the edge.. but it's totally a 'thing' in San Fran. Literally no one has their own washer/dryer. SOO oh well. #3 Our apartment is like 700 square feet. Like if I'm ever mad at Andrew... there is just no getting away from him. Hahaha only kidding. But really. It's teeny tiny. I'm kinda sorta really freaking out because I have no idea how all of our stuff is going to fit?????

We spent all day yesterday with the movers and I was dying at each box they closed up.... I was so confused where they were getting all this stuff hahaha. I swear we got rid of so much stuff. Can I just say how grateful I am for our movers?! They packed our ENTIRE house for us. I didn't know that was a thing, and at first I told Andrew no because I was so worried that they wouldn't pack things as well as I would (my OCD kickin' in). But holy moly they packed things 100x better than I ever would. And we decided that from now on... we won't do it any other way! Haha! I can't even imagine packing and moving ourselves. We were in such a rush after the movers left to hurry and clean our house and drive to Ogden to pick up my wedding ring before the place closed, that we didn't really get a chance to say 'bye' to our house. I was watching all my videos of our house that night in bed and I start crying cause I was so sad! That little yellow house has and will always hold a special place in my heart. It was our first house together and we created SO many memories inside it. But I'm soooo extremely grateful for this opportunity we have to move to San Francisco and I know we are going to create 1567328792 more memories together. 

I could go on and on about the things that I'm going to miss about Utah buuuut I don't wanna cry (I'm already missin' my fam like crazy.... ugh). ALL IS WELL. Okay moving on to this amazing dress..... last weekend we went to Mesquite with my family and this dress from StyleWe was my go-to all weekend! When I got it in the mail, I realized it was a little too short to wear without a slip or anything, so I decided to wear it as a swim coverup! Aren't stars the cutest print ever??? I will definitely be wearing this all summer long. It's super light weight and I love how it wraps around the back and ties on the side (I tied it at the front as well). Unfortunately this piece is currently sold out but I'll link some similar dresses below! I will also link some cute black swim suits below. Everyone needs a cute black one-piece! Check out StyleWe for all your summer dress/cover up needs! Hope you all have an amazing week! Thanks for reading!

xo, Maddy

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